Thursday, October 20, 2011

What's Going On

  Hey, ever more sparse blog followers! I guess it's kinda hard to follow a blog when the blogger only posts once a month or less. Sorry about that. It's kinda hard to blog about things when there really isn't much to put into words.
  The life of an actor is all about the grind. There's a lot of research to be done, a lot of salesmanship, and, hopefully, a lot of auditioning. With those auditions, though, comes a lot of rejection. This is not a business to be in if you have low self esteem or a poor outlook on things. It can be very easy to become discouraged. The best thing an actor can do is go into an audition, rock it to the best of their ability, and then let it go. If the job comes, that's amazing, and you dive in. If it doesn't come, for one of a billion possible reasons, then you're not upset or self destructive. This town will eat you alive otherwise.
  It's been a wonderful period of learning, networking, and auditioning for the last couple of months, and things are really starting to lock in. Every new opportunity leads to another and another. It's amazing to be here in LA, living the dream!