Friday, December 14, 2012

Creative Impulse

  You can't force creativity.
  That's why, when creativity strikes, or something inspires or moves you to create, you have to seize that opportunity and act. People who are less creative and more analyitcal find it difficult to understand creative impulse and how precious it is to an artist.
  I've gone through many, many cycles of creativity, waxing and waning tortorously. I've always enjoyed the few creative jobs I've held, but in a cruel, ironic twist, using your creativity for work typically leaves you empty of inspiration in your own time.
  So, when images like the one above pop into my head, I look at it as an incredible gift. What made me think of this? Who knows. I've been so agitated, for a while now, about the lack of artistic endeavours in my life. I don't really shoot photos anymore, I don't write. I rarely even blog. Not sure where this dry spell is coming from. The worst part is that I have ideas- I just seem to lack the motivation to follow through on them. I need a spark.