Friday, February 25, 2011



  I haven't posted in so long, and I've done and seen SO much. Now I'm going to give you this post, and not talk about any of it, or post any pictures. This entry will just have to serve as a placeholder, because I'm getting hit on all sides for "Show us pictures!" "We want to hear about *blank*!"
  The last few weeks have been amazing! I had a fantastic trip to Edinburg, Scotland, performed in a massive 10 minute company dance number, and then today performed in an hourlong Noel Coward musical doing company songs, a solo, and a duet. Tomorrow I'm off to Rome for the weekend. It has been an amazing, exciting time, and, as always, I feel truly blessed and thankful for so many opportunities. I promise I will share pictures and details soon. Things are just insanely busy at the moment. Stay tuned for multiple rapid-fire blogs!

Monday, February 7, 2011

The London Symphony Orchestra

  Meant to blog this last weekend when it actually happened, but I've been crazy busy.
  After being robbed of most of my weekend with an acting workshop, I had to use the evenings to hit the town. Saturday, I got some uh-mazing sushi/sashimi at Pham Sushi (highly recommended, Londoners), then followed it up with a delicious dessert at a very interesting pub I tripped across down the block.
  Sunday night, when our work was done, I scampered off to the London Symphony Orchestra and their performance of Elgar's "The Kingdom." Absolutely breathtaking. I love the symphony, and getting to see LSO was a fantastic treat. For this concert, there was the full orchestra, the London Symphony Chorus (huge) and then four soloists. Right from the opening notes, I was captivated. Hearing the orchestra cut loose with the full chorus all rattling the hall was indescribable. There were also some incredible quiet moments, and the soprano soloist had a piece that really showed the tremendous control and beauty of her voice. Amazing.
  So, yeah, great weekend, even with all the work. Next weekend, travelling to Edinburgh, Scotland. Blog to follow!