Sunday, July 26, 2009

20 Years in the making

  The culmination of two decades of filmmaking has been forged into a seven and-a-half minute video that has now been uploaded to YouTube for your viewing pleasure.
  This was truly a labor of love, and it's been a tremendous pleasure putting it together. In addition to all the fantastic people I've worked with, there's explosions, car chases, fights, shootouts, romance, comedy and bad hair. If you see only one 20 Year retrospective of my films this summer, see this one. This is good viewing, folks.
  Expect the third and final video in the next couple of weeks or so, closing it up with bloopers, gags and other goofball antics. Thanks for watching!

  Click HERE and behold the awesome.
  Again, please be patient and let it load before you watch it.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


  I just finished viewing a rough cut of the second "20 Years" video, and I am absolutely ecstatic.
  Seriously, I think it's one of the best things I've ever put together. It's seven and one half minutes of pure bliss. The stuff you'll see in this video, matched with the perfect music- well, it literally brings a tear to my eye. I can't remember the last time I was this excited to show something to all of you fine people. I'll have it up this weekend, most likely!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Behind the Scenes

  I've finished the first of the three "20 Years of Delta Wing Pictures" videos I'm going to post, and it's up on YouTube. (For those of you who aren't regular followers of this blog, scroll down one post to catch up.)
  This first offering is the "Behind the Scenes" video, about 4 minutes long. There are only a few short clips from the really early productions, but mostly it borrows heavily from two major films I did in 2001 and 2005. Unfortunately, there just wasn't a lot of surviving "off camera" footage from the early years, so this is by far not a proper representation of projects and people.
  The next video will be a look at all the best scenes from the actual completed films. This one will be a much more thorough look at EVERY project, starting in 1989 and going through the present. It's going to be awesome.
  The third and final video, sure to be the fave, will be all the bloopers from 20 years worth of screw-ups. It's gonna be hard to cut that one down to a reasonable length.
  For now, sit back and enjoy this brief retrospective. Big thanks to all my fellow actors and crew over the years!

Click HERE to see the video!

Oh, and do me a favor- let the video load before you watch it. Don't do it peacemeal, it destroys the rhythm!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


  Today, I finally finished digitizing footage from 20 years worth of films I've done. I never counted how many tapes it was, but it was a lot, when you consider all the raw footage in addition to the finished projects. I've boiled it all down to 15 hours of the best stuff, and that will in turn be boiled down into three seperate videos: A behind-the-scenes montage, a montage of the best film scenes, and of course a blooper reel from all productions past.
  This has been an incredible undertaking and I've spent countless hours on it over the past few months. It's been an inspiring journey back through all that hard work, and I can't wait to show you all the results. Watch for it!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Clearing the air

  So, if you follow my ever-fascinating spew of Twitter streams on the right side of this blog, you probably saw a tweet from about a week ago where I celebrated my independence (on July 4, natch) from sleeping pills.

  A little clarification is in order.

  I recieved a few messages since then congratulating me on conquering my sleep apnea, and I've had a few people ask how my sleeping is since my deviated septum surgery. The short answer is, it's really not any better, and there's no way to make it so. The type of apnea I have is a matter of brain malfunction. I don't have a throat occlusion, and I don't have insomnia brought on by stress. There are no relaxation techniques that are going to help. There's no melanin pill or sleepy time tea remedy. My diaphragm doesn't get the signal to breathe sometimes during the night, and (according to the last study) that causes me to stop breathing for sometimes upwards of a full minute. There is no solution for this.
  The Ambien, and later Lunesta, were merely crutches to help me not be aware of waking up 70-80 times a night. And it worked, for a time, until my body built up a massive tolerance to the medication. I was still having apena episodes that entire time; I just wasn't as aware of them. Same thing with the deviated septum. The most important reason for that surgery was to improve breathing. This, again, doesn't solve the initial problem. It merely assists in softening the effects. It had the added benefit of improving my endurance during heavy cardio events, like running, and it added a little range to my voice for singing. I think it was a good move.
  So, what I'm getting at, is this: I appreciate all the good sentiment, but it's really unwarranted. The reason I quit the sleeping pills is that I have built up over three years of tolerance to them. It's a waste of money, and it's extremely damaging to the liver to take those medications for a long period of time. I'm a week into the "no meds zone," and I'm doing just fine. In fact, I feel better, really. I think this problem is as solved as it's going to get, and I'm good with that. I'm not dying from fatigue, I'm mentally as acute as I ever was, and my body is physically healthier than it's ever been, both in endurance and sheer strength.

  What's there to complain about?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Herr Direktor

  In going through this mountain of old film footage, I've been reminiscing a lot about my filmmaking days of yore. Even though my last two big film experiences were horrible affairs I'd just as soon forget, something about watching the behind the scenes stuff really makes me miss the process. These are some shots taken during the filming of "Altered" back in 2002. I bet you didn't know that directors pointed at stuff so much.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Head trauma

  Here's another gem from the upcoming 20 Years of Delta Wing Pictures project I'm working on. I doubt all of these takes will make it into the final cut, so I thought I'd share them.
  A little setup for you: this was a scene for a movie called "Q" that I worked on with my good friend Bryan White about ten years ago. This particular shot required my goofball character to get hit in the head with a rock from offscreen. Hilarity and multiple contusions ensued.
WARNING: Contains language not suitable for the kiddies.