Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Raiders of the IMAX

  Last weekend, I got to go to the IMAX in Century City to see my favorite movie of all time, "Raiders of the Lost Ark," on the big screen. I can't emphasize what a thrill that was for me. The last time I saw it on anything but a television, I was seven years old. That was 1981, the year the film was released. Let me put that year into perspective for you with a few historical facts. A lot happened that year:

The average cost of a new home was $78,000.

The average yearly income was $21,050.

Ronald Reagan became president.

The Titanic was discovered.

The space shuttle Columbia had its first flight.

Prince Charles and Princess Di married.

The AIDS virus was identified.

Microsoft released MS-DOS.

3M launched "Post-it" notes.

Frequent Flyer miles were introduced by American Airlines.

The term "Internet" was first mentioned.

The first test-tube baby was born.

MTV launched.

  It was a revolutionary movie, and extremely inspirational to me, leading me to decide that I wanted a career in film. It would take me a few more years to sort out whether I wanted to be an actor, director, or writer, but the seeds were firmly planted. I couldn't get enough Indiana Jones. I begged for every toy, comic book, and poster I could find. Of course, I even had the hat and a whip. Since then, I have seen Raiders countless times, and it has never gotten old. I love every fantasticly elaborate set, every action sequence, and every note of John Williams' brilliant score. To this day, it's the high water mark of cinema for me. Seeing it up there on the big screen really took me back to my childhood, and a time where life was filled with far less stresses and concerns.

  What's also cool is that since this screening did so well for Paramount, other older titles will soon be making their way to the big screen again. I already bought tickets to see E.T. The Extraterrestrial on October 3. I love all this nostalgia! I'll have to break out the Reese's Pieces for that one.