Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ten minutes to write this blog. GO.

Anybody who knows me knows I keep a really hectic week. Lately, it’s gotten a bit comical. It seems like every day now is scheduled out, at least mentally, down to the minute. “Okay, I have fifteen minutes to eat. It’s going to take me twenty-five minutes to drive there. Ironing this shirt tonight for tomorrow morning’s brief will take me about five minutes.” Amazingly, though, nothing is out of control or alarming. Just very, very tightly packed.
Friday, I finally had my temporarily-in-town friends over and I cooked dinner. It was a short window of two hours between wrapping work for the day, cleaning the house up, buying the food and preparing it. We had a great visit, though, and it was good to see those guys again. It was Chicken Cordon Bleu, by the way, if you’re wondering, with garlic mashed potatoes and chive green beans. Seems everybody I cook them for flips out over how good they are. I also discovered a new favorite wine.
Saturday was full of all sorts of things; mostly boring crap like climbing under my Jeep and changing the oil. At least the weather warmed up. That’s a horrible job in the cold. Saturday night, however, was the much anticipated “second sleep study.” I’ll go on record here and tell you it was completely miserable. I was forced to lie on my back all night, which is a very uncomfortable position for me, and I had an oxygen mask clamped over my face. I slept for the first two hours, then woke up thinking I was being smothered. For the next six hours, I fought to get back to sleep, but only managed a few minutes at a time. Sometimes the mask would start trying to breathe for me, and it was like somebody poking me in the face over and over. It was not at all conducive to sleeping. The entire night was pretty much an exercise in sleep deprivation.
On the plus side, I had a long talk with an attending nurse who put forth the theory that I have a deviated septum. I hadn’t ever really considered the possibility before, and she was very surprised to find that I hadn’t seen an ENT specialist since I started looking into these apnea issues. It would make sense- I’ve certainly taken my fair share of blows to the head and face. I’ve noticed that sometimes when I’m singing or doing vocal warm ups, I get pressure in my sinuses in certain ranges, like the air wants to push through but can’t. I really hope this is the problem, because the fix is only a surgery away.
I spent the rest of the weekend working on my voice lesson homework and practicing. I also had to come up with a three minute pantomime to perform at my first class, which is tonight. I think I’ve got a good one. I’m anxious to see what everybody else is coming in with, because I’ve never done pantomime before. Don’t worry, there are no “glass boxes” or “invisible ropes.”
Then the week started off with a bang (maybe more of a crash) when I found out that a guy we’d been working on hiring for the last six months changed his mind 30 minutes before he was supposed to start. Needless to say, the office is in a bit of turmoil right now, and that individual has been blacklisted.
That’s all the news with me that’s fit to print. I sadly haven’t had a minute to work on any of my personal projects. Someday.
Ten minutes is up.

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