Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Week

  Yep, with a capital W. I'm having a bit of dinner right now and taking some "me time" to write this here blog. This week has really ramped up. It's like normal week x10. Which, for me, is some crazy number I don't even understand. Here's the rundown:

  1. MRI results showed some wearing on a nerve sheath in my lower back, which is what caused that crazy paralyzing back problem. I don't need surgery at all, and it'll heal itself. Doc put me on a corticosteriod for a few days to help that along. I was advised to take it easy. I think it would have been much funnier if he had said "Take it sleazy."
  2. I also scheduled a septoplasty for May. This means they're going to crack my nose open and fix my deviated septum. This will help me breathe better at night and maybe not suffocate so much. That's what I get for breaking my nose. As an added bonus, it will also help with my singing.
  3. Segue! The voice lessons are going incredibly well. Ms. Winter suggested this week that we expand our time from 45 minutes a week to an hour. I was more than willing to take that suggestion. We worked a lot on rythym this week, which is difficult and often has hilarious results.
  4. Classes at the studio are fantastic. I'm learning a whole lot about the core parts of performance and movement. I had to do another three minute pantomime this week, this time as Revolutionary War Naval hero John Paul Jones. The assignment was to pick a statue from around town and do a pantomime based off that. I chose him and the performance went very well. I've gone first on the past two assignments, which seems to be a terrifying prospect to some. I don't understand how you can want to be an actor but be afraid to be the first one to go up and perform? Weak! Thanks to the steroids, I even did a crazy balls-out dive across the room to the floor. In your face, England!
  5. In addition to the insanity of work this week, and a lot of extra hours crammed in here and there, by the time it's all done, I'll have read four plays, completed my music bookwork, practiced playing, practiced singing, rehearsed for two classes, made arrangements for three different trips, visited four doctors, hopefully worked on my blog and pictures/video of Easter Island, and made time for the glorious viewing of a new episode of LOST.

  Oh, and a rock busted my windshield.

  Hectic as this all is, somehow, I feel pretty balanced and I'm mostly enjoying life. Back to work now.


  1. So because I read your last comment on point #1 (take it sleazy)rather quickly, I thought point #2 said "sextoplasty" - yikes!

  2. Welcome to owning a Jeep! Their windshields attract rocks!