Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Day of Many Pies

  As anybody who knows me is aware, I LOVE to cook. On my recent birthday, I was given a mini pie maker, and today was the first chance I had to use it. Let me tell you, the results were pretty spectacular!
  Facing many choices, I decided to make three different kinds of pie. Chicken Pot Pie, Apple Pie, and Cherry Pie. I didn't have any particular recipe for the chix pies, so I just made it up:

  I started with some regular chicken breasts...

  Cooked 'em up in a skillet with some spices...

  Chopped up and cooked some carrots, onion, and potatoes...

  Mixed in some condensed Cream of Chicken soup and a little milk...

  Added some peas...

  Mixed up some dough and cut out my crusts...

  Put my crusts in the piemaker and filled 'em...

  Slapped the top crusts on 'em and cooked 'em.

  The result! They came out perfectly and tasted amazing. Turns out I didn't really need a recipe after all. The crusts cooked a golden brown and were light and flakey. You would swear they were from a restaurant. So, then I moved on to the dessert pies...

  The cherry filling was straight out of a can (cheater!) so it didn't require prep, but the apple filling I made from my apple pie recipe. Usually, it just goes into the pie raw, of course, so I had to assemble the ingredients and then reduce them in a saucepan. Easy breezy.

  The apple pies came out beautifully, but as you can see, the cherries didn't fare so well. I made lattice tops for them, but I overfilled them, so the filling burbled up and singed. They were ugly, but they were delicious. For the first time in my life, I was able to say that I ate four pies for dinner.

  Can't wait for more culinary adventures with this new kitchen gadget!


  1. I'm gonna get myself a pie maker!
    I love cooking too and pie is exactly what I'm craving right now!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is really cool. The chicken pot pies looked freaking amazing. So jealous.

  3. What? No blueberry!!! Every time I go to the store I look for the blueberry - if I find them I'm sending them to you like I said I would.

  4. I can find blueberry pies now much easier than I could before. They remain a delicious favorite! This particular night, though, was all about the apple and cherry.