Friday, March 16, 2012

What's up

  No, it's not a question- I'm going to tell you what's up.

  A lot! Been keeping very busy between auditioning, graphic design work, web design work, church, and the daily business of being an actor. Translated, "daily business" means "looking for work." It's amazing how much time that eats up. There are never enough hours in the day to get things done. Finally, after umpteen days, I took a full day off on Sunday, and it felt great.
  In good news, I did get cast again, this time in an as-yet-untitled grindhouse horror project. I'm the guy who gets stabbed to death with a pair of garden shears. My audition consisted of me saying "Nooo! NOOOO! OH GOD NOOOOO!!!" and then screaming myself raw. Proudly, I was able to really rattle the room. My throat was tired and sore afterward, but I drank some tea and gave it a rest. We shoot this coming week.
  That's all the news that's fit to print for now. Oh, and if you're looking for my writing blog (unlikely), I have taken it down due to lack of readership. Apparently, nobody was interested. No hard feelings.


  1. I was reading it in RSS. No hard feelings.

    What's the story with 366?! I think I will hold that one against you. A-hole.

    The last shot posted there (the Leaf) was fricking amazing. Great shot to end on I guess but I may still sneak in your house and poop on your toothbrush.

  2. 366 wasn't generating any interest, either. I was also not going out and getting anything good. It again became a "things around my apartment" blog. I've already done that, and this time I was just repeating myself. I'll find another photo type project sometime when I'm inspired to do it.

  3. Congratulations on being cast.
    It's not even a speaking role, it's a screaming role ;)
    Don't give up your writing. Nobody is ever interested at the beginning. Besides, when it comes to blogging, it takes so long to find a substantial amount of followers! And to make them comment!
    So don't give up!
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks, Jay! Under normal blog circumstances, such as THIS blog, I don't care if anybody's reading. It's more for me and close friends and family. But with a blog that's made for the rest of the world, such as a story or picture blog, if nobody's looking at it, it's just a lot of extra work for nothing. Can't please everybody!