Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year, New...Cartilage?

  I'll be ringing in the new year by having my foot sliced open next Friday, and having a brand-spanking new cartilage implant jammed in behind my toe.
  As I recently discovered, that pain in my foot I had been ignoring for the past two years was, in fact, broken bone and collapsed cartilage. Whoopsie! It pays to go to the doctor, folks- if you have insurance that is. Thank the Lord, I DO have insurance, so I can now have this problem properly remedied.
  On the downside, I'll be off my feet for five to six days (says the doc- I'm betting on more like four), so cabin fever is going to kill me. On the plus side, though, it means I'll have my birthday off! I'll just have to remember to stock up on food and things before my shut-in days begin. I see movie marathons, sleep, and video gaming in my future. Maybe I'll even post some horribly graphic photos of stitches and such on Facebook.
  Anything to keep from boredom. One reason I hate being sick or incapacitated is the boredom. Damn you, boredom. Damn you.

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