Friday, August 29, 2014

(Red) Rock Star

  Under the ever increasing weight of work- computers, phones, emails, noise- I decided it was time to commune with nature this weekend. It had been far too long.
  Grabbing my trusty Jeep and my trusty girlfriend and my sometimes trusty camera gear, I headed out just after sunrise this morning to a place I'd never been before. About an hour north of here is Red Rock Canyon State Park, which I found on a map purely by accident. I was just looking to see how far north of town I'd have to go to get into some mountains or forests, and there it was. I was intrigued by the name, having spent a moderate amount of time four-wheeling in Utah's beautiful red rock country.
  Indeed, this location did not disappoint. We only explored one very small area of the park, but it was enough. As you will see, beautiful photos were captured, much sweat was excreted, and a modest peak was summited. It was a very satisfying, much needed escape. Strangely, I didn't know how close by Death Valley was, either. An adventure for another time.

You can click here to see all my photos.

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