Saturday, September 3, 2016

New Mexico weekend

   This past weekend, I went back to New Mexico for a very short weekend visit. It had been three years since I'd been back, and we really packed a LOT into a couple days!

   I flew in Thursday night, and then Friday, Mom and I did an all day road trip. We went north to Tent Rocks National Monument, then on to Bandalier National Monument, through Los Alamos (where we got tasty green chile burgers), through the Valle Grande, down through Jemez, and finally back to Albuquerque. It was an exhausting day of hiking, siteseeing, and picture taking, but it was amazing! I took about a billion pictures, which you can find on my Flickr account by clicking HERE.

   On Saturday, Dad and Lynn drove up from Elephant Butte, and my Aunt Gail joined us for a cookout.

Tasty burgers, corn on the cob, and potatoes

Relaxing backyard fountain


Lynn and Gail


   After the cookout, I rode back to Elephant Butte and stayed the night at Dad and Lynn's house. I had never been there before, so there was a lot to see.

   Sunday morning, we went to service at their church, and then it was time to play with the toys.

   First, we hooked up the boat and took it down to the lake for a quick run around the waters. There was a storm moving in, and it looked like all Hell was about to break loose, so we didn't stay out long. As luck would have it, the storm blew by without a drop.

Boat face

Cap'n Dad

   Next, it was time to meet Bigger Red. No, not BIG Red. Big Red is the name of Dad's big red Dodge Truck. THIS is Bigger Red:

   It was actually quite difficult to drive, despite the power steering. It was loud, rumbly, and stunk of exhuast, but it was FUN. Pretty cool machine. I drove it down the beach, and then in traffic a little bit on the way back to the house. I could really use one of these for rush hour on the LA 405.

   And just like that, it was time to come home. Hopefully, the visit will be longer next time. Until then, from the San Fernando Valley in California...

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