Monday, July 3, 2017

Trona Pinnacles

  I've been trying to get up to Trona Pinnacles ever since I heard about it a couple years ago. It's not that far away (about 3 hours north of here), but I just never seemed to fit the trip in anywhere. Lately, I'd been looking for a good "day trip," and on Friday, which I had off, this one fit the bill.
  The catch was that I wanted to get there early enough to get that good low-angle morning light. Sunrise would have been ideal, but that would have meant leaving at about 2:50 in the morning. JUST a touch too early for this old man. So, I opted to leave at 4:00 instead. Timing was actually quite perfect.
  The area had been averaging about 120 degrees during peak heat of the day lately, so going very early had the added bonus of cooler temps. When I rolled into the area at about 7:15, it was only 80 degrees. Quite pleasant.
  The drive in was nothing remarkable, and the dirt road one takes to get into the park proper was VERY washboarded and rough. The park seemed to be really well maintained, though, and even had toilets! Roads were clearly marked, and the pinnacles themselves were a sight to behold.
  When I parked, and stepped out to do a little exploring, not only was I struck by the immense size of these spires (photos don't do them justice), I was also taken aback by how still and quiet the air was. Not a soul for miles and miles. I really felt like I had landed on another planet. Probably why so many science fiction movies have shot here!
  I only spent about an hour exploring and shooting photos, due to a pressing appointment back home. You can see the shots I grabbed by clicking HERE. Clicking on any photo will biggify them.
  Anyway, if you're ever in southern California and you're around the area, drop in on Trona Pinnacles. Pretty cool place.


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