Saturday, January 17, 2009

Stuff and Junk

Yes, I have a shiny new background. It's not my final, but it's close. I need to rearrange some of that artwork to peek out from behind the blog a little more. What's that? The blog looks wider, you say? You say correct, friend. I wasn't a fan of how Blogger made my writing space so damn narrow, so I went into the HTML and widened it out. Unfortunately, that junked up my beautiful header art, so I had to stretch the ends of it to fit. Now they're all blurry. I'll fix it later, so stop your crying. Also, for those of you complaining that the pictures are too small- clicking on them will show them to you at full size.

There's just too much to blog about these days, and thanks to Cate, I am now fully addicted. This is a much better place to put out a public journal than MySpace. Take THAT, mediocrity.

So, tonight, I'm spending the evening at the American Sleep Center. Yep, it's that time again: SLEEP STUDY. They're going to take another stab at why I seem to have a nasty habit of not breathing at night. According to their charts and graphs, my sleep apnea falls in the "extreme" range, which means I'm at 30% higher risk for heart attack or stroke. Couple that with a demanding schedule and having to constantly fight off fatigue while making critical decisions and relying on quick reaction times and you have me. It don't do much for my singing or acting, either, let me tell you.

Hopefully, I won't grow a unibrow like the gentleman pictured above. I can tell you why you're not sleeping, pal. Because you're stalking people at night under the full moon.

This is also my last weekend before I fly off to the middle of the Pacific Ocean. I have to put my thinking cap on and figure out how I'm going to get all my photography gear, diving gear and (oh yeah) clothes onto the plane. I also need to get a power converter and convert some currency into...uh... into... what is it on Rapa Nui? Dung wheels? I'll figure that out later.

And if that weren't enough, I got invited to a dinner/ball at the French Embassy. Trouble is, it's next weekend. Isn't that the luck? (watermarked and smudged for your protection)


  1. Your welcome! I'm glad you love blogging just as much as I do.

  2. Really, clothing would have been optional...for either event.