Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thirty Five years of Hijinks

Don't let the picture fool you.

This is just me having a little joke on myself today. I was out of town until yesterday afternoon, and when I returned, after being medically checked over, I was immediately whisked into work. That work continued, in earnest, until early this afternoon, when I was finally released. I came home, took a quick nap, and then went off to my first voice lesson with Ms. Winter. By all accounts, I should have cancelled it after being awake for two days straight on the heels of an exhausting week. I didn't, though, because it was my first lesson, and it was ME time.

After catching up with all my mail and messages at home, I realized I didn't have any food in the house. My Dad talked me into buying myself some sort of birthday cake to celebrate, and I couldn't get over how pathetic that seemed. I was going to have maybe four hours of my own birthday to myself. I was going to spend it alone and exhausted. It was ridiculously cold. I was sticking candles in a boxed single serving of cake. How stereotypically depressing was that?

So, I had a little fun with my decorations. It certainly doesn't reflect my actual mood. I feel very accomplished right now, even if my head is literally pounding and my eyes feel like they've been sandpapered.

Tomorrow, I have to wrap things up early and head down to Virginia Beach for my recital. I feel really out of touch with it right now. Hopefully that will rectify itself tomorrow. I wish there was more time to practice.

I get to have Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday off, barring an unforseen work circumstance. Then, next Thursday, I'm heading to Easter Island. I think it will take me the entire five day weekend to figure out how I'm going to pack all my photography gear. I can't wait. The most remote island in the world. Mysterious culture. Adventure rules.

I made a LOT of headway on my video project over the holidays. I've gotten almost all the way through the VHS tapes already. It has been an incredibly good time watching the progression my films went through, and the leaps and bounds I took as an actor. It's also fun watching the amazing evolution of hairstyles. I think I could make an entire reel just dedicated to that.

Ricardo Montalban died today. On my birthday. That sucks. He was one of my favorites. Besides being the single best Star Trek villain ever, he was just a class act all the way.

This blog is so random and so stream-of-consciousness that I'm dizzy. Maybe I'm just tired. I think that's more than maybe. There are other things I know I wanted to put in here, but I'm quickly losing coherence. I'll probably read this tomorrow and wonder what was wrong with me. The drive is wearing down now. Time to recharge the batteries.


  1. I loved random streamed blogs!! Kudos for getting the b-day cake - my Mom insisted on that every year no matter what. Personally, my favorite "cake" would be a single glazed donut!!! Yum!!!! Glad you enjoyed your day.

  2. All of that and your hair really blows in these pictures. I'm sorry, I meant looks "blown out". I'm mean...well I was going to slide into a tasteless joke about blowing but then nothing about blowing is tasteless. Literally speaking of course. I think I need to get to bed because this comment is totally stream of consciousness...and I want cake.