Thursday, June 4, 2009

Where women glow and men plunder

  Tomorrow, I'm on a plane to Australia!
  It'll be quite a full week, covering the country from top to bottom- I'm going diving on the Great Barrier Reef, camping in the outback, and ripping through Sydney. Joining me on this adventure is my friend Michelle, whose gracious and understanding boyfriend is stuck biding his time in Seattle. Michelle is currently living in Sydney, and was instrumental in putting this tour together. She has my eternal gratitude.
  Of course I'll take an enormous amount of pictures, and I'm going to shoot my dive again as well. Besides the normal abundance of life on the reef, it's whale migration season, so I might get to share the water with some of these giant beasts. Should make for an exciting time. See you all when I get back!


  1. It almost looks like an explosion is going to wipe out those kangaroos. Watch out for the Sun down there, it looks angry.

  2. Man have a great time, but be careful, I hear a whale dong is six feet long. Nobody wants film of THAT.