Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's all starting to pay off

  At least in some regard, the punishing schedule and compulsive multitasking are starting to lead somewhere.
  Last night, one of my instructors at Studio gave me a fantastic compliment when she told me I was "very castable." This is high praise from a woman who is notoriously ruthless with her students. She's had a lot of really great things to say about me lately, and said that the staff all knew who I was and how many things I'm in and how hard I'm working. That made me breathe a relative sigh of relief.
  My primary scene partner and I put our scene up again last night (the one we've been struggling so much with) and finally made some breakthroughs. We got a lot of really good notes and we were given an additional scene to work on as a reward/progression. We'll be performing both of them for an audience in January. My secondary scene partner and I will be putting our scene up tonight, and I think it's in great shape, too.
  Unfortunately, a head cold has robbed me of most of my voice this week, so practicing for my voice lessons has been pretty much zip. I have until tomorrow night to get over it, but I'm still a little hoarse. The worst part is, I'm going to miss two lessons this month when Angela's out of town, which cuts down on our rehearsal time for that big recital I'm going to sing for in January.
  I could go on about the multitude of other things that have to get done this week, but I think it would start to sound like complaining. More than anything, I'm looking forward to having a couple of days off from work next week!

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