Tuesday, December 22, 2009

One down!

  Last night, I successfully completed "Voice I" at Studio and was recommended to proceed on to Shakespeare. My final went well, despite a couple of small hitches, but overall I got an "excellent" from the instructor. The poetry I recited was a piece called "The Anchorite," and here it is, for your reading pleasure:

The color of his walls, like ham or kisses
Was just too carnally pink
So he painted it over in rusty brown, like stale blood.

He sat in his solitary cell
Banished the cat as too female and familiar
Then shaved his lady's curls from his conscience
And pried her hands from his heart
One red-nailed finger at a time.

Weeks went, and he stopped seeing
Her hair in grocer's daffodils
In forsythia, lining the wet expressway.
The sound of her laugh drowned in traffic.

But some night, later than temptation
He will remember a forgotten knock
And dreams will pour through his door
Like a river into a desert
Her hair catching on everything
Sticky, and yellow as honey

  I'll be taking this next semester off to audition, and hopefully get into some shows. A friend of mine, who is going to be the assistant music director on a staging of the Mel Brooks show "The Producers" told me that they are holding auditions on the 5th and that I really should try out for one of the leads. I'm just now starting to find my legs vocally, and the show would require a lot of singing. Not sure if I'm quite up to it, but I will audition. Couldn't hurt, right?

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