Monday, August 2, 2010

The Countdown Begins

  Exactly one month from today, I'll be boarding my plane to London. This has been such a long battle, and yet, here we are, already at the end. I gave the landlord my last rent check this weekend. I've officially started packing. Loans are in the final stages, my entry visa has been paid for, and I'll have a flat (hopefully) arranged by the end of the week.
  Every time you move, you get rid of things, but this is the biggest cast-off I've ever experienced. I have literally thrown away a few industrial size trash barrels full of stuff. This week, I'll be pricing out all my furniture and Craigslisting it. This is probably as close as I'll ever come to torching everything I own, including my career, and walking away. It can't be overstated what a huge move this is for me. Every single fiber of my being is telling me, though, that I'm on the right track. I've learned to trust life in the last few years, and recognize when doors are opened for me.
  31 more days.

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  1. I actually did something somewhat similar back in February. Quit my good-paying, good-benefits, full-time job to go after something that I knew was going to make me happy. It's a rough road, and by no means a short road either, but when the opportunity comes, it's always best to take it. Best of luck in your endeavors!