Saturday, September 11, 2010

The first week

  So, I've been here a week now (a week and a day to be exact) and it's everything I'd hoped. London, of course, is wonderful, and I settled in remarkably quickly. Granted, I had my flat by the end of the first day, so that made the transition that much easier. Some of my new friends have just found places.
  Here's a few pics of my new digs. It's tiny, as all studios are, but it's clean and pretty well appointed.

  Classes have been great so far. The instructors are amazing, and I love the general vibe at school. I haven't run into anybody yet with a pretentious attitude, and that's rare in this business. They did warn us, though, that this initial euphoria would soon wear off as our schedules increased. We're looking at weeks of mostly 12 hour days, and some six day weeks. They said there will be meltdowns and stress flip-outs, but that's to be expected. Bring it on. I eat pressure for breakfast. With toast, usually.
  The other 11 students in the postgrad program with me are a great bunch, and we've become fast friends. There have been pub outings, and today, we all went to see a show at the Riverside Studio Theatre called "Shakespeare: The Man From Stratford." It was a one-man show starring Simon Callow. Google him and you might recognize his picture. You would likely know him from the movie "Shakespeare in Love."
  Earlier today, I went with a friend to the Shephard's Bush Market. It's an open air market about two tube stops from here, and had every manner of vegetable, fruit and meat cut you could want. A lot of the meat was really disgusting (see today's 365) but only because it's things Americans aren't used to eating- organs and tongues and such. I don't think I saw any beef. It was all lamb, chicken, ox, duck. Interesting differences. On the way back to my flat, we found another, smaller open market. I didn't have any cash on me, luckily, because I think I would have blown it all.
  It was an absolutely sinful array of pastries, candies and deliciousness. I stopped dead in my tracks and just stared. There were so many choices that I just couldn't take it all in. There were all sorts of things I was familar with, but so many more that I wasn't. Yogurt covered honeycomb? I think I'll have to go back there next weekend with a little money. A little.

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