Saturday, September 4, 2010

'ome sweet 'ome

  Cheers, everyone! I made it to London, and I'm all settled in after only a day and a half. Got my flat, got a phone, got a bank account. School starts Monday.
  I met a few of my fellow students last night at the "Curtains Up" pub a couple of blocks from here. I can see that place becoming a future hangout- a place where actors, all pouty and pretentious, go to drink their troubles away. If not, there are plenty of other pubs. I think just about every third building in London is some sort of boozery.
  My neighborhood is awesome, and only about a ten minute walk to school or the tube. The whole of the city is at my fingertips! The flat I'm in is naturally tiny. I honestly think it's about the size of the kitchen of my house in Springfield. Quite an adjustment.
  Shopping for groceries here is an adventure in itself, as I found out earlier this evening. You know that things are going to be different, but you're just somehow still unprepared. No recognizable brands, strange combinations of foods, local favorites (kidney pie, bangers & mash). Everyone in the store thought I was an idiot, because I was walking around looking at literally EVERYTHING and smiling from ear to ear. They also didn't appreciate me backing up the checkout line because I wasn't hip to the system.
  But where are the pictures? I haven't taken any yet. But soon. When my Frame 365 blog finally hits 365, I'll be starting a new site that will be a major pictoral chronicle of my time here in the United Kingdom. Tally ho!

PS- Nobody really says that.

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