Saturday, October 2, 2010

To Do:

  Eventful day! I cooked breakfast, paid rent for the first time with my first cheque, topped up my phone credits, paid my US credit cards, bought a flower for a pretty stranger who was looking at flowers, helped a kid who had a major and painful wipeout on his skateboard, broke in my new UK debit card, and carried a metric tonne of groceries home in the rain.
  Yeah, couple of English spellings in there. Get used to it. I'm also being schooled in phonetics right now, including the proper RP (recieved pronunciation) English dialect. I might very well come home with a bit of an accent.
  Now I've got to spend the rest of the weekend learning the words to a song I have to sing next week, planning out and choreographing a three-minute solo dance routine I have to perform, studying my lines/character for "Much Ado," writing a sonnet for a recited poetry competition, and memorizing the phonetic alphabet.
  Busy? Yeah, little bit.


  1. Much Ado? That is one of my favorites! Who are you playing? So happy that you're doing well over there - have a great time!

  2. I'm playing Benedick. It's a great part, and also one of my fave plays!