Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Weekend Fun!

  I can't really call this post "Halloween Fun." Sunday was, in fact, Halloween, and there was celebrating, but there wasn't much Halloweeny about it. But let's start with Saturday. Yeah, let's do that.
  Saturday morning, I began with a Bloody Mary at a pub near Notting Hill Gate, then jammed my way into the Portabello Road Market with some friends. When I say 'jammed,' I really mean it:

  That afternoon, I met up with Alicia, from class, and we had RP coffee time. This has become a new weekly thing for us. Basically, we just meet up in Hammersmith and go to Starbucks for tea or coffee. Exciting, right? The rule is, from the time we meet until the time we leave, we have to speak in our RP accents (standard British dialect). If you interact with anybody- as in ordering your chai latte- it must be done in RP as well. There's more to this than just a couple of Americans acting like jackasses. Well, a little more. One of our classes, phonetics, is based around learning RP, so this is good, solid practice. It's also hilarious.
  So, Sunday. Halloween. What a bust it is here in the UK. They don't NEARLY get into it as much as Americans. There are hardly decorations in stores, and costumes are very hard to come by. I sadly had to attend our Halloween party with no costume at all. I couldn't even find any makeup to improvise some sort of zombie getup. Lame.
  The big theme of the night was "the chavs." A chav is sort of London's answer to the Jersey Shore look from the US. Lots of sports gear, greasy hair, gold chains, low class. Erika came as a pregnant chav and had Meaghan as her thin mustached baby-daddy. Alicia was another chav, but had a lot of Amy Winehouse thrown in for good measure. We had a Clark Kent, a Supergirl, and a biker chick.

That looks like triplets!



Yummy Mummy

Erika gives birth to a 185 pound 75 inch baby boy

Mother and child doing fine

  The best part about the evening was the food and drink. We had a lot of both, and all of us were stuffed to the gills by the end. I cooked a couple of giant calzones that I made in the shape of mummies, and we had a spicy thai dish, some pasta salad, amazing bruschetta and a tiramisu that was the best any of us had ever tasted.
  All in all, not a bad way to use up a weekend!

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