Tuesday, November 30, 2010


  Fifteen minutes ago, I was walking home from school in a very "collar-up" kind of English night. Snow was swirling in the air around me, and spikey ice crystals glittered on the sidewalk.
  Three hours ago, I was fighting with a rapier in one hand and a daggar in the other, soaked in sweat. My victory award was a cupcake with strawberry cream cheese frosting. It was well worth my time on the battlefield.
  Seven hours ago, I was singing "Where I Want to be" from the musical "Chess." It went well, and the teacher told me it was a very good piece for me and I should keep it in the audition repertoire. I'll take that compliment, especially since it was the first time I had ever sung it.
  Thirteen hours ago, I was staring into space in a wide-eyed schizophrenic panic as Richard III, wondering aloud to the audience if I should be afraid of myself exacting revenge upon myself for villainous deeds committed by myself.
  Two days ago, I was throwing my dance partner up in the air and over my shoulder for three hours as we rehearsed for our performance, which takes place tomorrow.
  Three days ago, I was at this Thanksgiving dinner with some of my fellow actors:
The group, minus Nick and Vince

  Four days ago, I was at a cocktail party, in character, as a 70-year-old man named Gus Hughes for three hours as part of a final performance for Improv class. I had to invent 70 years of character history, in every possible miniscule detail. I'm a little sad now that this person doesn't exist outside a random photo I took of an unknown man at the bus stop that was the inspiration for it all.
  Thanks, life, for always being interesting and challenging.


  1. I wrote a Rom-Com sequel in my head about the Gus and Gloria story. Basically a lot of misunderstandings and laughter between the Episcopalian and the Buddhist; but they went on to live a happy life together and died content in their sleep. I hate cliffhangers.

  2. I think Gus really took a fancy to Gloria right away. It was all very sweet.