Friday, December 10, 2010


Warming up for rehearsal

  Crazy, crazy days, but that's expected for the end of the term. Today is actually the very last day, and we're closing things out with a big Christmas Carol concert at St. Phillips Church, where we will have actual British royalty in attendance. Pretty decent way to celebrate going into Christmas.
  It's also a time of gigantic relief. One by one, we've finished projects and performances, and the maelstrom of work has died off to a trickle. Everybody's exhausted and more than ready for this break.
  The duet dance project I mentioned a couple of blogs back went very well, and we got a lot of good feedback on how free and expressive it was. Everybody seemed to like our variety of sensuality and craziness. We managed to pull off the routine without any hiccups, and I think we had some pretty impressive moves in there.

Richard III (photo credit: Zoe Schellenberg)

  Biggest of all, of course, was "Margaret of Anjou," which was a full-length play that combined all of Shakespeare's "Henry" plays as well as the "Richards." We'd been rehearsing this for weeks, and pretty much hammered the hell out of it right up until performance time.
  The night before we ran it for an audience, Pranay, Nick and myself blew off a little (lot) of steam playing foursquare in one of the rooms for a couple of hours. It later devolved into a contest to see who could kick the ball into somebody's face from across the room. We found out that yes, it can be done, and I found out what it feels like when somebody makes your face into a soccer goal.
  The performance itself went very well, and once again, we got great feedback. It was a fantastic play, and I enjoyed working on it, but I'm also very glad to be done with it.
  The night after, we had a staged reading of "The Duchess of Malfi," which is a Jacobean play. Here, we only performed some scenes, not the entire play. I thought this went really well, too, and we had a good time with it.
  THEN, yesterday, we had tutorials all day. This is basically each student getting a one-on-one with each instructor. You get notes on what you did well, your progress, what you need to work on, and your goals for the next term. I'm absolutely happy with how it went. I got a lot of really nice compliments from the instructors as well as a good deal of on-the-nose constructive criticism that's really going to help me dial it up a notch. It's great when you and the instructors agree on your areas of improvement and achievement. Makes you feel like you're really on the right track.
  After we all finished yesterday, we met up at Laurine's place and had a Christmas party. Most of us are going our separate ways for the holidays, so we won't see each other for a while. The party was awesome, and I'll have pics and more about it in the next blog. For now, I gotta break out the shirt and tie, warm up the voice, and get ready to belt out these carols.

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