Saturday, December 11, 2010

Done and Done.

Carols by candlelight

  As I stated in yesterday's blog, it was the last day of term, and all of LAMDA performed at St. Phillips Church for a fairly good-sized audience that included royalty. The concert was done by candlelight and was pretty stunning.

The view from our section

  It was the first time we had actually all performed as a school, and it was the first time each group got to hear the other groups perform their own pieces. I was blown away by how beautiful it was. Hopefully the princess enjoyed it, too.
  Earlier in the day, we had rehearsed at the church and then we had a couple of hours off, so we went back to school and did this:


  Rory brought his guitar and we sort of had a little jam session, and I took a stab at the above Bill Withers classic. The beginning was a bit rough, but we hit a nice groove in the middle. We need to work on our timing, and I had some pitch issues, but it was really fun sitting around, all us fellas, and just singing. Good times. More, please!

  To skip time on you again, gentle reader, AFTER the carol concert was over, there was a party thrown a few blocks away at a nightclub called "Archangel." The group sort of split up at this point, and some of us went on to do other things. I checked out the club, but then decided to grab a bite with Liza. Laurine and Audra showed up a little while later, but then the group divided again. Audra and I went off to have our own adventure in Hyde Park where a fantasic winter carnival was set up.

Audra at the gates

Some sort of go-round that appeared merry

Pirates and Christmas? Sweet!

Hugemongous ferris wheel

  The only bad part was that by the time we got there, they weren't selling tickets to any of the rides anymore. We're going to remedy that tonight, though, by going back. There's a whole open market in the front part of the park, selling all kinds of sinful food and completely useless wares, and then there are all the rides and an ice-skating rink. We'll be participating in all of the above. Tomorrow, I fly back to the states to spend some time with friends and family. Gonna make my last night here a big 'un!

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