Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas remnants

  WHAT?!? Christmas is over!

  Nay, I say! Since I completely forgot to post any pictures of the D Group's Christmas extravaganza at Laurine's place, here they are, a couple of weeks late. It was a festive, drunken time with good eats, good friends, and a yankee swap gift exchange that left a lot of people scratching their heads. The price limit was 5 pounds sterling, and there was quite the array of bizarre presentry. I initially got a pretty cool present, but traded it for a creepy baby doll that crawled around on the floor and had orange light-up eyes. How could I pass that up? Without further ado, here are a few collected images from the night, captioned for your caption reading pleasure. My personal faves are the two Christmas cards with classmate Erika. Can't stop laughing over them.

Music, food, drink

Home Alone face strikes 50% of Holidayists


Nick is serious about Christmas

P-Dog and Lori

Nick lays down the rules of Yankee Swap

Vittoria tries to figure out what a jock strap is

Happy and dumbfounded about "Undercover Cat"

Putting batteries in the demon baby's butt

Christmas Card Option One

Christmas Card Option Two

Our lovely hostess Laurine

Christmas nerd Lori

Ambushed by Liza and photobombed by a reindeer on my way out

  **Special thanks to Laurine for some of these photos

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