Friday, January 14, 2011


  Today is going to rock. The next couple of days are going to rock, in fact. Today, I've got High Comedy class in the morning, Restoration class in the afternoon with the hilariously entertaining John Baxter, and then tonight, all my fellow actors and friends are going out for Thai food and drinks. But wait- there's more!
  Tomorrow, I board the Eurostar early in the morning and head for a weekend in Paris! My hotel is RIGHT next to the Eiffel Tower. In fact, my very swank suite has a balcony that overlooks that famous landmark. My friends and I will tour the catacombs, check out the Louvre, eat a bunch of delicious food and drink fantastic wines- just do up the city. It's going to be amazing.
  So, yeah, you might say my mood is good. Pictures soon to come. Thanks for all the birthday well wishes in email, on Facebook, via text, and in person. I feel loved and blessed!

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  1. Happy Birthday! I'm jealous you get to spend it in Paris, but have a blast!!