Wednesday, March 23, 2011


  Again I'm terribly behind with the posting! A couple of weeks ago, around the...14th of the month, I think, there was a class trip up to Stratford-upon-Avon, the birthplace of one William Shakespeare. The trip was two days long, and actually pretty entertaining. Stratford is a charming little town, and is also the home of the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC).
  While in Stratford, my fellow acting students and I enjoyed the sites, the pubs, and a couple of productions at the RSC- King Lear, and Romeo & Juliet. Lear was a bit on the dull and overly-long side, but R&J was fantastic. Both productions were elaborately staged and had some very bold choices, especially R&J. It was amazing seeing the RSC perform.
  After returning to London for a night, I was back to my old routine of weekend trippery. This time, we boarded the Eurostar and headed over to Brussels, Belgium.
  Brussels was beautiful, and had amazing food EVERYWHERE. It's one of those spots that would fatten me up something fierce if I lived there. The sights were amazing, my favorite being the Grand Place. Funny enough, we ate a lot of sushi there, because we found an amazing sushi bar. Besides the good quality of the food, I also very much enjoyed having my food brought to me on the freight cars of a model train that ran around the length of the bar. Yes, I am ten years old.

  Come on. That's f'in awesome. I want all my meals brought to me on model trains from now on.
  As is the problem with me not getting to the blogs quick enough- I have glossed over many, many amazing details and fantastic stories of things I experienced and saw. Simply put, dear reader, there just isn't time to go into it. I'm just not able to find time in this insanely busy schedule to expand on the details of these trips as I would like. For now, you'll just have to settle for pictures and let them speak for me.
  You can find pictures of the Stratford-upon-Avon trip HERE and pictures of Brussels HERE. Enjoy!

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