Sunday, April 3, 2011

Of High-teas and Finales

  Here we are at the (almost) last. Tomorrow marks the beginning of our last week at LAMDA. It's hard to believe our two short terms are already up and we're graduating. It's been one hell of a ride in every since of the word. There's been a lot of hard work and a lot of wins and losses. I couldn't begin to sum it all up here. Maybe in a month, when I've had time to decompress a bit.
  Today, we all went out to high tea together to celebrate and have one more family get together. It was wonderful and delicious, and I could see the fatigue and apprehension and sadness in a few eyes.
  Saturday, we'll all be flying to New York, where we'll perform our showcase for Agents and the like. We'll be around the area for meetings for about a week before we move on to Los Angeles and repeat the process. Then, we'll all go our separate ways. I'll be returning to Albuquerque for about a month before moving back here to fair London. I've earned my Equity card here in the UK now, and I'm more than anxious to start work. I am chuffed to bits at the thought of living and working in this wonderful corner of the world.
  But make no mistake, this week is no coasting free-ride. We have Shakespeare's "A Winter's Tale" to perform Friday, in addition to our 10 minute dance piece "The Liberty of Norton Folgate," a musical medley of Noel Coward songs, and a performance of our showcase material. I still have a lot of lines to learn, and a lot of rehearsals to go. This week, like this time at LAMDA, will be gone in the blink of an eye.
  Can't wait for what's next!

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  1. Just have fun. I'm so stoked for you right now!