Wednesday, April 20, 2011

City of Angels

  I meant to put up a post about Los Angeles as soon as we arrived, in keeping with my current scheme of up-to-date blogging, but I failed. Sitting here now, writing this, the LA showcases are already done! We just concluded them about an hour ago, actually. I'm now waiting to join everybody for drinks to celebrate.
  Turnout was really pretty good, and I think all the scenes went very well. Yesterday, during rehearsal at the theatre, I was sitting outside with my scene partner, going over lines, when Garry Marshall happened to stroll by. He smiled and said hello, and... I didn't recognize him. I thought he was just a friendly old man. A minute later, when somebody said, "Did you see who just walked in?" I felt kinda dumb. Guy is a legend in TV. We had a fantastic character actor show up with some of the industry pros today to watch one of our three showcases- a man named Michael Ensign. Google him, and you'll recognize him from just about every movie and show ever made. Total class act, and he stayed behind to talk to us for about twenty minutes about the biz. Awesome.
  So, now, we'll hang here in LA for a few days, go to the beach, drive up PCH1 to San Francisco- just basically enjoy California, and hopefully have a few meetings with agents or casting folks. Pilot season has ended, unfortunately, so the chances of being put into any tv work right now are slim. Still a damn good opportunity to be seen. I'll keep you posted, as always. Cheers!

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