Sunday, May 1, 2011

The 'Burque!

  A stolen iPhone. A stolen rental car. No time at the beach. No bites from the Networks. Stinky hotel room next to an airport. Yeah, LA kinda sucked a little bit.
  On the plus side, I did enjoy my first crab legs, lots of fun at Disneyland, my first Madame Toussaud's, and some last good hurrahs with the D-Family of LAMDA.
  We've all gone our separate ways now, and I'm back in my hometown of Albuquerque for a month before I head back to London, where I'll be living and (hopefully very soon) working. It'll be a good chance to relax a bit, see the fam and some good friends, and enjoy the sunshine and the mountains. When I got here, it was in the eighties.
  Today it snowed.
  That's New Mexico for ya. Blog ya soon!

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