Tuesday, May 17, 2011

From 32,000 Feet

  Yeah, as I type this, I am soaring through the skies at 32,000 feet. It's the first time I've blogged while not connected to the earth, and it's kind of an odd and kind of an awesome feeling. I have the entire row to myself, so I'm just sort of turned sideways here, lounging and cruising the internet via the miracle of wi-fi. I took this picture with my iPhone and then uploaded it. I love technology.
  Heading down to our nation's capitol for a quick two night trip to basically loot my storage unit before flying back to London. Grabbing the bare essentials: PS3 unit, DVD's, cookbooks. You know, the absolute must-haves for survival. Oh, and I'll probably see those pesky DC actor friends of mine and maybe an old co-worker or two. Peace in the skies!


  1. That dude looks sketchy! So that's how you get a row to yourself. Bummed I missed you... I suck.

  2. I wish my arms were that long! I thought the person across the isle took this shot!