Saturday, April 16, 2011

Everything Goes

  With business here in New York nearly finished, we took a break last night and headed down Broadway to take in the brand-spanking new revival of "Anything Goes" playing at the Stephen Sondheim theatre. On the way over, we were walking down 7th Avenue when I brushed elbows with a guy walking by who had a kid sitting atop his shoulders. At the same time that I recognized his voice, I recognized his face. It was Hugh Jackman. Kinda crazy just running into him on the street like that. New York!
  "Anything Goes" was spectacular. I loved the production design, and the lead, Sutton Foster, was, unsurprisingly, absolutely amazing- truly a triple threat. Others in the cast were great as well, including Joel Gray, and in a small part, Jessica Walter (the Mom on Arrested Development).
  Through a friend, I was able to meet Laura Osnes, one of the other main stars of the show. She was very sweet and warm, and was gracious enough to take us backstage and even let us walk out onto the main stage and take a look at the set. Standing on that Broadway stage and looking out into the audience was pretty amazing. What a fantastic night!
  So, today's our last day in New York. Tomorrow, it's on to Los Angeles and more showcases. Here we come, west coast!

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