Saturday, July 30, 2011

Life remains busy

  No, no cool picture. No fun adventure story. Truthfully, life out here IS an adventure- just not the kind I'm used to. I stay so very busy, and yet nothing seems to be moving. Yet. That YET is a very big yet.
  As expected, the life of an actor is difficult. Especially when you're in competition with the whole damned city. You better hope you've got a little something extra, or you better hope you network with the right people, or you hope that a break- even a tiny one- comes your way. Again, none of this is surprising.
  I've hit a couple of workshops, attended some free previews for classes, and I did get the chance to read with a network casting agent. I'm meeting some good people and slowly starting to make some inroads. It takes time.
  Tomorrow, I'm singing in my church choir for the first time, and I'm a bit worked up about that. Worked up in a good way, because it's a fantastic opportunity, and it will help me develop my voice even further. Worked up in a bad way because it's the first time and I've got the jitters about it. Once the first time's out of the way, the rest is easy, right? Right? Hello?

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