Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten Years Ago

  I was a newlywed. I was unemployed, having just quit my long career in retail. I lived in a small apartment in Albuquerque, and drove a red Corvette. I had no aspirations of working for the Government, or moving away from New Mexico. I had no formal training as an actor. To say things were different on that early September morning in 2001 is a massive understatement.
  Things were different for everybody, really. For the nation as a whole, I expect. There was an innocence that will never be regained. The night of September 10, 2001, I was at the airport, helping a friend to shoot some footage for a documentary. I went through security, into the boarding area (remember when you could do that?) and then walked down the jetway into a plane. I walked right into the cockpit, and nobody stopped me. None of us knew just how drastically things would change in a few short hours.
  This isn't an entry written to detail that awful morning. Just my own personal ruminations on how incredibly different life is now. My wife and I since divorced; she was remarried and then lost her husband fighting in the very war that attack spawned. I have moved to two other states, worked almost a full decade in Government/Military service, and lived in another country. I have fallen in love, had my heart broken badly, and I have seen things and gone places I never could have imagined.

  Wonder what the next ten will bring?

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