Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day Six: Kingman, AZ

  "Day six? What happened to day five?"

  That's supposed to be YOU, constant reader. My answer to your question is: Day five was a day of rest in Albuquerque with no driving. Okay, a little driving. I had a great lunch with my Dad, Stepmom, and Aunt. Mostly the day of rest was spent hanging out at mom's house, relaxing. Believe me, after driving 2,000 miles, it was a welcome rest.
  So now I'm on the last leg of this thing. The drive from Albuquerque to Kingman went by fairly quickly, and I always enjoy the scenery around Flagstaff, when the countryside turns into mountainous pine forest and huge boulders. It's quite beautiful. One valley I passed through was completely carpeted in sunflowers as far as the eye could see. It was like driving into an ocean of bright yellow. I also saw a motorist urinating next to the highway, right out in the open. Always a class act.
  Today's drive will be the final one, and will take me right to my front door in Palmdale!

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