Monday, June 24, 2013

Toffee or not to...ffee?

  Yep, I caught the cooking bug again today, and I blame Pinterest. I blame Pinterest for a lot of things lately: lost time, gained weight, and a newfound desire to cook ten metric tons of sweet delights.
  Today's delight is none other than English Toffee, one of my favorites. It was a super easy recipe, with the only tedious part being the "waiting for things to cool down so I can proceed to the next step." This very minute, I'm waiting for the final product to cool down so I can break it into pieces and then shove some of those pieces in the old face-hole.
  Here's the basic process. I'll include a link to the recipe at the end if you're feeling saucy.




Pour and cool

Toasted in the oven a few minutes

Melting the chocco

Coat the cooled toffee

Sprinkle with nuts and cool

  Obviously, it makes more than what is pictured here, but I wanted to show the end product. Also, I've shoved several handfuls of this in mouth, and it is killer. Here's a link to the recipe. Enjoy!

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