Saturday, May 16, 2009

Kicking of the ass

  That's what my new layout is good at. I worked hard on it and wrote a lot of the code myself based on a loose configuration of codes I Frankensteined from other sites. Yes, I used Frankenstein as a verb. It's legit.
  The new site has a few minor bugs, and I'll be ironing those out, but for the most part, ta-da.


  1. It's a totally kosher use.

  2. I just heard a five minute conversation on the radio about who was BFFs with who in hollywood. If they can use that Paris Hilton tweener shit on the radio, you can use Frankensteined -and swampy, penilistic, and screwshie...

  3. Bryan, I wish you were here in DC. I've got SO many film ideas and experiments and nobody out here who's worth a damn.