Thursday, May 21, 2009

A sampling

  You say you're anxious to know the status of my 20 years of Delta Wing Pictures project? You say you're chomping at the bit for some highlights? Well, you're in luck, friend.
  Below you'll see a taste of some of the forthcoming material. These are three bloopers taken from the production of "Gunman" in 1996. Let me set the stage: It was July, about 98 degrees out, we had been shooting all day in the sun, I had badly injured the inside of my right hand, and we had now driven an hour to this location to shoot this scene. Like everybody else, I was fatigued. Even our cameraman was tired, as evidenced by the massive amount of headroom he gave us in these shots. Anyway, here's me completely dropping my lines thirteen years ago. Enjoy.


  1. I think I just found my new Improv CageMatch team name. "Distinct Tactical Advantage"

  2. Sydney & I were discussing your sitcom sketch the other day, "My Dead/Zombie Roommate." Do you have that posted anywhere?

    Andy Samberg must have watched that bit at a formative age.