Friday, February 5, 2010

Batten the hatches, Mr. P...'s coming. It's here!

  They tell me this is going to be an historic storm, and that this area is the bullseye. I tell them they're acting like little girls. I moved here from Spokane. They KNOW snow up there. We used to get storms like this every day before lunchtime, and we laughed at mocked the accumulation. That is, until it caved in our roof.

Mr. Potatohead disapproves of the snow.

  Whatever happens, I'm now safely bolted in, and I can sit back and enjoy it. I have nowhere to go for two days, so I'm going to watch movies, cook, and rehearse my singing and my monologues. Plenty to keep me entertained. When it's all over, I'll make that lazy spud get off his dirty eye-marked ass and shovel the driveway. Since I still don't own a snow shovel, it should be fun to watch. My neighbors will say, "Is that a potato shoveling your driveway?" and I'll say, "Mind your business, Nosey McGee."

Megastorm, table for one.

  There's a nice 'before' picture for your viewing enjoyment. I'll post again later after the snowpocalypse with shots of the dumpage.

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