Saturday, February 6, 2010

Now, we dig out

  The storm is over. It was lengthy, beginning at roughly 10:00 am yesterday, and ending tonight at about 5:00. The heaviest, wettest snows came late last night around midnight.

  This jackass came wheeling down the street early in the evening and lost control, crashing backwards into my driveway. It took him about an hour to dig out. If he'd been driving reasonably, he wouldn't have had that problem.

  So, the final official measurement from my backyard is 22 inches. Just under two feet. Pretty solid, but not as bad as the three feet I had heard predicted. Still, this is going to be a major mess for the area, and I'm not sure when things will get to normal. Maybe Tuesday. I'm anxious to see what it looks like around here, but I don't dare venture out. The Jeep, amazing as it is, could get high centered in the driveway with this much snow, and it's just not worth risking it. I should have bought a snow shovel after the last storm, but I didn't think I'd need one again. Like Dubya said, "Fool me once, uh... shame. Shame on... you? Fool me... can't get fooled again."

  My beautiful rose trellis, murdered by the storm.

  There was a crazy invasion of red-breasted Robins this afternoon. I've never seen anything like it. There were hundreds of them in the tree in my back yard. They were eating the berries in a massive frenzy. Poor birds couldn't find any food anywhere because everything has feet of snow on top of it. I even saw one trying to hover and drink from a dripping icicle. I wish I had gotten a picture of that. I did get a shot of the flock, and that will be tomorrow's 365. For now, here's this guy looking forlorn. I did throw about half a box of Cheerios out there for them, and they thanked me by taking a massive group dump on my porch. You're welcome, boys.

  I was a little concerned about the weight my trees were bearing, so I decided to go out there with a broom and try to shake some of the snow loose.

  You win some, you lose some.

  I also baked some more sinful desserts. Something about snowy days is hardwired into my brain to bake sweets. I wanted to ice these and then have snowflake shapes cut out of fondant layed on the top of each one. The fondant I made wasn't pliable enough to make into shapes, so it became the icing. After I dipped each one of these and they cooled, they took on an incredible sheen. They almost look pearlescent, but you can't tell in these photos. I can also personally report that they are delicous. I'm going to take the rest of them to school Monday and give them away.
  Fun storm. Thanks, Snowpocalpse!


  1. Pretty kick ass that you could get the Marlboro Man to come dig you out.

    Your new found interest in baking, show tunes, etc has opened my eyes a little. If you and Marlboro Man are more than just friends we your faithful readers can embrace that.

  2. Oh, Johnny. Funny, funny Johnny. Just because I'm single, in my thirties, like to cook and act and sing and have a man-crush on Hugh Jackman... hmm.