Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Out with a bang

  What an absolutely extraordinary night. Last night's Final Scenes left my jaw on the floor. Everybody really, truly brought their A-Game, and I think the audience was sufficiently blown away.
  The night opened with two scenes from "How I Learned to Drive," which set the bar incredibly high for the rest of us. My partner and I were up next with two from "The Country Girl," and the crowd was very receptive. They laughed, they ooh'd and ahh'd. There's a great moment in the first scene where I get slapped in the face really hard, and that got a great reaction. In the second scene, when I grab the girl roughly, pull her to me and plant a long kiss on her- that got a great reaction as well. Big, intense scenes, and we nailed 'em.
  We were followed by three more sets of scenes, and I sat in awe watching my fellow classmates own the material. I'm still soaring just thinking about it. It's been an honor to be part of such a talented group of actors. Now that the semester is over, I'm really going to miss it. Time to start auditioning.
  But first, there's one more night of performing. Tonight is Final Scenes night for the class I'm guest acting in. It's another really great scene, and I'm looking forward to getting it in front of an audience, especially after last night. Time to break the other leg!

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